A crossroad

Dating back from 324 AD Istanbul today excites the senses where sights, sounds and scents combine with a succession of images. An outline of minarets againts a brilliant blue sky, a colourful fishing boat rocked by the gentle waves of the Bosphorus, the sounds of church bells ringing and the mystical call to faithful to bombard your mind.

The Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul

A top destination

This is one of the most rewarding destinations, large enough to offer choice and satisfaction yet small enough to feel quickly at home. Although a large metropolis the centre is compact with all venues, hotels and convention centres are within easy reach.

St. Sophia Museum in Sultanahmet the old city

St. Sophia Museum in Sultanahmet the old city

A deep history

The heart of Istanbul’s rich history lies in and around the old city. Lying on either side of the Golden Horn it embraces the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, the Obelisk of Pharoh Thutmose and the imposing Topkapı Palace. No visitor can fail to be carried away by the vibrant and tantalising Grand Covered Bazaar, an equally glorious assault on the senses is at the Egyptian Spice Bazaar.

An Ottoman Hamam

An Ottoman Hamam

Istanbul by numbers

  • 8500 years of history
  • Former capital of 3 empires
  • A city of 4 seasons
  • 15 million population
  • 12 million foreigner visitors every year
  • 3 bridges connecting 2 continents
  • 2 international airports
  • 103.000 bed capacity
  • 645 fine dining and entertainment facilities
  • 39 districts
  • 78 public and private museums
  • 112 modern shopping malls
  • 5 imperial palaces, dozens of summer palaces and mensions
  • 4 historical bazaars
  • 55 universities & 5 technoparks

Although the greatest cure for the mind and the soul lies in the cool waters of the Bosphorus with its magnificent new bridges becoming the modern symbol of Istanbul.

A restaurant near bosphorus

A restaurant near bosphorus

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