Cittaslow in Turkey

What is Cittaslow

The inspiration for Cittaslow was the Slow Food organization that tries to combat fast-food culture. The Cittaslow organization defines itself as a growing international network of over 120 towns in 18 countries across the world that have adopted a set of common goals and principles to enhance their quality of life for residents and visitors. In simple terms, Cittaslow towns aim to be great places to live, work and visit. They aim to support local businesses, foster local traditions, protect the environment, welcome visitors and encourage the active participation of the community in civic life.

Windmills in Göynük, Bolu

Windmills in Göynük, Bolu

Slow cities in Turkey

Izmir's Seferihisar was given the title “cittaslow” in 2009 by the committee, becoming Turkey's first “slow city.” After Seferihisar; Gokceada, Akyaka, Halfeti, Tarakli, Persembe, Vize, Yenipazar and Yalvac towns are the official members of the Cittaslow movement and slow tourism in Turkey.

Windmills in Göynük, Bolu

The sunken parts of Halfeti, Sanliurfa

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